Scientology is known for its strange neologisms. The concept of “isness” and its variations, which may call to mind Meister Eckhart’s concept of “Istigkeit”, has tremendous practical importance for Scientology.

  1. As-isness — the sense of “knowingness” or absolute certainty one has when one decides to dedicate one’s efforts towards some goal towards which one feels passionately. One might become very excited about engineering and decide in the heat of the moment “I’m going to become an engineer!” The certainty associated with this decision exists forever in a non-spatiotemporal realm (Hubbard was a philosophical Neoplatonist) known as a “postulate.” This idea…

Monad Mantis

Experienced psychology writer and practitioner of psi abilities. Looking forward to contributing to a worldwide awakening to the reality of psi phenomena.

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