Bernardo Kastrup’s dissociative universe

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-Kastrup, an idealist philosopher, argues that all organisms are “alters” of a single animus mundi.

-He points out that studies have used brain scans to demonstrate that the brains of people with multiple personalities are functionally different than those of neurotypical individuals, and some people have alters that are visually blind. During possession by these alters, the part of the brain directing sight does not work, for example.

-Constitutive panpsychism — matter has experience at “bottom” rather than non-experiential matter producing emergent experiences. This means that our own consciousness is a combination of subjective inner lives of countless physical particles (as the Buddha said, we have 500 billion thoughts at every moment; although we might say that we literally are that many thoughts per moment).

-Cosmopsychism — the entire fabric of space-time itself is one emergent, conscious entity that pervades all of its constituents, rather than these constituents possessing autonomous subjectivity. Cosmopsychism, unlike constitutive panpsychism, states that nature isn’t fragmented like matter. What Kastrup suggests is that all organisms with private experiences are alters of this animus mundi, such as alternate personalities occur in one and the same person.

-Basically, like the personalities in someone with DID, each of us are operationally distinct centers of concurrent experience, but only as dissociated personalities of a universal consciousness.

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Experienced psychology writer and practitioner of psi abilities. Looking forward to contributing to a worldwide awakening to the reality of psi phenomena.

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