Blink 182 Frontman Allied With Military in UFO Disclosure

Tom DeLonge, frontman of Blink 182 and one of the leaders of “To The Stars Academy”, recently announced a partnership with the Army to engage in research on advanced alien technology. This follows a 2017 announcement by the Pentagon that a program existed between 2007 and 2012 used for investigating UFO sightings called the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program. The Army is currently collaborating in their study of allegedly exotic metals in order to generate advanced technology, which the TTSA claims is conducted upon ET technology.

In fact, Luis Elizondo, alleged head of the Pentagon’s UFO investigation program, and Dr. Eric Davis, a member of AATIP, have both explicitly confirmed that we possess recovered alien technology, without elaborating a great deal upon it. This was after many former defense officials began demanding that the Pentagon take a more serious approach to encroaching UFO phenomena.

Indeed, it was DeLonge who was responsible for the leaked declassified 2015 video on the 2004 Nimitz UFO Encounter. Last year in 2019, the Navy even confirmed that it was in the process of establishing guidelines for military personnel to report UFO phenomena in the wake of repeated intrusions by advanced aircraft on Navy carrier strike groups. The leadership of the TTSA has quite the impressive roster, including NASA quantum physicist and Department of Defense Advisor Dr. Hal Puthoff, former senior CIA official Jim Semivan, and former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence Chris Mellon, who worked under the Clinton and Bush administrations.

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