Bodhidharma and Qigong, Part 2: Sinew Metamorphosis

The second of the three forms of Qigong which Bodhidharma is said to have delivered to us is known as Sinew Metamorphosis. This is known as Yi Jin Jing or The Tendon Changing Classic. It functions as a set of calisthenics whose purpose is to develop tendons, muscles and bones. It improves reflexes, courage, and internal force. This exercise has 12 postures which involve subtle, internal contractions. Because they tend to involve slightly more tension than other techniques, they are sometimes referred to as “hard” Qigong. Most of these postures actually have very little visible movement.

The subtle contractions that characterize these movements may stimulate energy meridians in the body, resulting in the influx of energy the practitioner feels. The 12 postures take a great deal of training and practice to master.

They are:

1. Golden Dragon Taps on Earth
2. Sacred Tree Grows Branches
3. Gold Hidden in Fists
4. Immortal Ties Belt
5. Immortal Reaching for Heaven
6. Luohan Emerging from Water
7. Lohan Playing with Bamboo
8. Immortal Clears Eyes
9. White Crane Carries Heaven
10. Black Bear Grips Paws
11. Lohan Offers Blessings
12. Double Holding Sun & Moon

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