Buddhism and universalism

Although convinced of the truth many of the essentials of Buddhist doctrine, I had been neurotically preoccupied with whether or not I was performing meditation correctly. Fortunately, I discovered in the Pali Canon what I believe to be a kind of prisca theologia, according to which any religious system that assists the individual in interfacing with the non-local, is conducive to Enlightenment. This doctrine is known in the Pali Canon as the 84,000 Dhamma doors (intriguingly, 12 x 7 x 1,000). This doctrine states that there are innumerable paths by which one can reach Enlightenment. David N. Snyder, Ph.D, summarizes:

The 84,000 Dhamma doors are a metaphor to basically state that there are innumerable paths to enlightenment. In the Mahayana it is referred to as doors and in the Pali Canon it is referred to as the 84,000 teachings (Khuddaka Nikaya, Theragatha 1024). This is a representative teaching to the Buddha‘s tolerance for other religions. Anyone following any religion who is basically a good, moral person is assured to reach that religion‘s goal, which is typically heaven. In the Buddhist cosmology there are several heavenly realms all of which are attainable by members of any religion.”

(from KN, Theragatha 1024)

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Experienced psychology writer and practitioner of psi abilities. Looking forward to contributing to a worldwide awakening to the reality of psi phenomena.

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