CIA Report: Russian physicist claims 9/11 attack result of broken alien treaty

This is definitely my strangest find in this year’s declassified CIA files. It describes the claims of a physicist named Viktor Yuryevich Rogozhkin, scientific director of an organization called “ENIO”, whose purpose is to study energy-information exchange. Its employees had been studying UFO issues and claimed that a serious galactic crisis would emerge in 2001.

Rogozhkin claimed that the September 11 WTC attack was the result of aliens breaking their treaty with the deep state, and he says that it did not involve any recent presidents. The CIA file further states that this group claims that an alien craft can be seen near the WTC both during and not long before the attack.

A Russian website elaborates on Viktor’s interests and those of his institute:

“Eniology is the science of the processes of energy-information exchange in the Universe. In 1989, the ENIO Association was formed, on the basis of which the International Academy of Energy Information Sciences was registered in April 1995 in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation under №2693, and Firyaz Rakhimovich Khantseverov was elected president. He, who for many years headed one of the most serious areas of the military-industrial complex, in fact, invented the abbreviation “ENIO” (energy-information exchange) when creating the association. Currently, the Academy unites many scientific centers in our country and abroad.

Eniology is a modern concept of the most ancient esoteric knowledge of civilization. The founder of this knowledge is considered Hermes Mercury Trismegistus, who lived in the second or third millennium BC. e. He left more than 30 thousand handwritten works in all areas of human knowledge. It was impossible to do it alone. It is believed that the esoteric legacy of Atlantis was left by a group of people, and this knowledge reached us through Hermes. We are the fifth race on Earth. There should be a sixth after us. These are the incarnations of our civilization: Atlantis, Lemuria, etc. into the past.

Unfortunately, history repeats itself. There have already been nuclear and psychotronic wars on Earth. Their consequences are the formation of oil and coal. And again we are on the verge of another self-destruction.

This book is not an attempt to intimidate the world’s population, who is so afraid of everything and everyone, but a search for a way out of this situation.

It is based on the materials accumulated by the School of Applied Eniology of the Research Center “ENIO” over the years. The main task of the school, first of all, is an approach to understanding the laws of multidimensional energy-information exchange in the World Building and the study of safety measures in esotericism, which is the Temple of Knowledge. This is not just a specific science. It’s a way of life. Esotericism, or in the modern interpretation — eniology, implies the integrity of the approach to knowledge.”