Dr. Christopher Green, CIA: “The Alien Autopsy film/video is real, the alien cadaver is real”

The quote in the article’s subtitle comes from Dr. Eric Davis’ summary of what Dr. Christopher Green, a scientist and CIA agent, had to say concerning the notorious 1995 Ray Santilli “alien autopsy” film, which has typically been dismissed as a hoax in a recently leaked email exchange. At that time, Dr. Green claimed to have been briefed on the alleged fact that this video was an authentic recording of an autopsy on an authentic alien, and that he had been shown images consistent with this video during 1987–1988. Indeed, at one point in the email exchange, he claims that what he saw was the exact same being as that shown in the video. Nevertheless, with the surfacing of this email exchange, he has since recanted and stated that he now believes he was a victim of a hoax perpetrated by Pentagon agents. The 11-page email included as its participants Dr. Kit Green, Dr. Hal Puthoff, Dr. Eric Davis, and Dr. Colm Kelleher and CC’d on the various emails were Robert Bigelow, John Alexander and Kristen B. Zimmerman.

So an amusing exchange between Dr. Green, Dr. Davis and Dr. Colm Kelleher:


(2) Can you relate the Santilli videotake in detail to the autopsy reports that you viewed (via your briefings and reports) as being the same or similar creature?



And finally this exchange between Davis and Green:

From Eric –

… did you come to a final conclusion or opinion on whether or not the body was fake or real? You say below “the video is real”, so is that your indirect answer to this question …?



Dr. Green also states in the email exchange:

“Several, let me repeat, several shots from the pictures I was shown, then [later] appeared in the grainy Santilli film. Not the body. I never said it was the body. It was the face still. It was the shot of the subject. It was the shot of the wall. It was the shot of the table. It was the shot of a part of a foot. It was not the shot that I could say was the same body.”

Puzzlingly, Dr. Green told Richard Dolan that he had actually been shown about a dozen alleged autopsies of alien bodies that had been delivered to his doorstep, and in one case, supposedly contained an alien tissue sample.

Dr. Green explained:

“as far as the tissue was concerned, there was one instance that to this day I have not been able to rationalize or reconcile. One of the packages of materials that I had delivered to my doorstep purported to be tissues from an autopsy of an alien at Area 51. It appeared to be [with] documents that were legitimate. But remember, they appeared on my doorstep in Detroit.”

The individual Dr. Green is referring to was board certified in internal medicine, a PhD in molecular biology and was the chairman of the largest genetics and molecular biology medical school department in one of the top five medical schools on the planet. Certainly, if the Pentagon had intended this as a hoax, it was a very good hoax! In fact, some of the words in the document refer to techniques used to do reverse transcriptase subtests that would not (allegedly) be invented for another 15 years. Ultimately, Dr. Green nevertheless thinks that it is a hoax and that the reason the hoax was perpetrated was because some agents were trying to acquire money illicitly. Furthermore, one of the alleged autopsy videos struck him as a real autopsy, so he took the video to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP), which is one of the most highly regarded pathology institutions in the world, and the three other specialists who watched the video with him, all board certified with PhDs and higheset relevant credentials in pathology, anatomy and comparative physiology, concluded that it was a real autopsy.

Nevertheless, he concluded that it was a progeric rather than an alien, and that some of these stills were incorporated into the 1995 Santilli film many years later.

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