Dr. Konstantin Korotkov on Photographing the Human Soul

Russian scientist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov claims to have photographed the process of “astral disembodiment,” which he says is the moment the soul leaves the body upon physical death. He claims that the technique he employs, a “gas discharge visualization method” used with a bioelectrographic camera, is an advance upon the method of Kirlian photograph, and shows in blue the life force of the person leaving the body. He says that the navel and the head are the first parts of the body to lose this life force and the heart and the groin are the last.

He says that the souls of those who suffer a violent and unexpected death exhibit a state of confusion and often return to the body in the days following death. The technique developed by Dr. Korotkov, who is director of the Research Institute of Physical Culture, St. Petersburg, is endorsed as a medical technology by the Ministry of Health of Russia and is used by more than 300 doctors in the world for stress and monitoring progress of patients treated for various serious diseases. He says he is convinced that this form of energy imaging could be used to observe biophysical imbalances in real time and even to measure psychic ability.

Korotkov is the founder of a branch of optics he calls Electrophotonics. He traces his alleged discovery to a technique, or set of techniques, pioneered in 1939 by the controversial scientist Semyon Kirlian, who discovered that high voltage electrical charges could be used to produce images on photographic plates without exposure to light; a procedure today known as Kirlian photography. Korotkov, a student of Kirlian photography and various techniques associated with it, to study alleged human auras and light phenomena associated with human energy patterns and frequencies. The aura is a subtle field of radiation that surrounds our bodies at all times like an envelope of energy. The field is very weak but can nevertheless be detected through certain instruments.

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