Joe McMoneagle’s Remote Viewing of the Sirians

I have briefly discussed Joe McMoneagle’s description of the Sirians, but the beings whom he described are located elsewhere. After providing his account of their physical characteristics, be goes on to describe the planet they inhabit as similar to Earth but somewhat smaller and lighter, with half of the water. He adds that it is one of the 12 planets circling the star in question, which he identifies as Alpha Centauri B. It is the third planet of the 12 from this star, and the planet has three moons, one of which is half the size of ours, and the other two of which are half the size of the first. He adds that the temperatures are stable on this planet, and typically range between -19 and +36 degrees Celsius. The planet has very bad storms and its inhabitants tend to live comfortably underground.

Tunde Atunrase draws a parallel from this results to the announcement (8/24/2016) by the European Southern Observatory of a “twin Earth” located in the Alpha Centauri/Proxima Centauri system. The planet is known as Proxima b, Alpha Centauri Cb, GL 551 b, and HIP 70890 b. Tunde emphasizes that this is not the same planet identified by Joe, pointing out that the Alpha Centauri system consists of three stars: Alpha Centauri A, B, and C (Alpha Centauri C is also known as Proxima Centauri). The planet Joe identified is allegedly the third planet from Alpha Centauri B, while the exoplanet recently identified by the ESO (Proxima Centauri B) exists within Alpha Centauri C. Nevertheless, Tunde points out that astronomers believe that Alpha Centauri B may be one of the best candidates for detecting an Earth-like planet through Doppler spectroscopy and that NASA suspects there are low-mass planets within what they suspect is a multi-planet system that orbits Alpha Centauri B.

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