John Vivanco’s Quick RV Method

John Vivanco’s quick RV sketch.

Obviously, if you are conducting an in-depth remote viewing session, you want to use the sort of complex protocol that will provide substantive information, and this can take quite a bit of time. However, when I’m trying to convince someone that RV is real, it is helpful to give them a method that provides quick, if threadbare, results. This will at least show the skeptic that they are capable of generating some kind of data psychically, and may encourage them to pursue formal training with a teacher. For this, John Vivanco provides a quick and dirty set of instructions that will show the skeptic he can attain real results.

Have the remote viewer write out the 8-digit target coordinates and then allow the initial ideogram, as a scribble, to emerge from the final number itself instinctively, without thinking about it. Then have them probe it a couple of times and instinctively write down whatever impressions they receive, writing out whatever conceptually high-level data that might occur to them under an AOL label. After they write the AOL, they should drop their pen for a second or two to let the distortive AOL dissolve. Finally, they can instinctively sketch out an impression of what the target looks like. Have them do this with three pages, conducting the same process three times to describe different aspects of the target.

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