Looking to Promote my Website through vloggers: anyone interested?

Although my website www.exopsychic.com teaches remote viewing with the goal of enabling individuals to acquire knowledge of otherworldly targets through psychic means, I believe that consciousness as an integral thread, unites ufology and remote viewing. I don’t believe it’s possible to understand the one without the other, and in the case of UFOs, this means that we cannot stick to a nuts-and-bolts paradigm of flying saucers that ignores the interdimensional component of ET phenomena.

This doesn’t mean that I accept Jacques Vallee’s rejection of the ET hypothesis in favor of the interdimensional hypothesis: I think it’s a both/and rather than an either/or issue. What I find intriguing is that quite a few ufologists, who otherwise disagree fundamentally with one another on important issues, seem to nevertheless end up agreeing with one another on this central issue: that consciousness is an integral thread that unites remote viewing (and other psychic experiences and faculties) and ET phenomena.

Grant Cameron and Dr. Steven Greer, both of whom believe that ETs are friendly, disagree profoundly with TTSA’s Tom DeLonge, who seems to accept a variant of what Jerome Clark termed the “dark side hypothesis” that surfaced in the 1980s through Paul Bennewitz and John Lear. Nevertheless, both parties agree that consciousness is an essential component of the ET experience and that we need to take seriously realms of phenomena that might have previously been relegated purely to the study of the “paranormal” rather than nuts-and-bolts ufology.

More specifically, that component of consciousness associated with ESP seems to be particularly important, as John Alexander, Dr. Eric Walker, Ben Rich of Lockheed and James Semivan have begun to realize.

But why ESP? Because there are three elements of consciousness that are particularly important, which the ETs seem to understand and which they seem to similarly accept as fundamental:

  1. Consciousness is fundamental — Subjective is prior to objectivity, as early quantum physicists understood, and there is a kind of Universal Mind that produces the apparently physical world, rather than the other way around.
  2. This constitutive consciousness is nonlocal — That is, it cannot be operationalized as existing at a specific place and time. Instead, all consciousness is connected with all other consciousness, and since everything in the universe is a function of a universal consciousness, everything is connected. This is what makes remote viewing possible.
  3. Consciousness is causally efficacious — Put simply, consciousness is not merely passive awareness, the effect of material causes as steam rising from a locomotive as an afterthought. Rather, consciousness actually impacts the world around us, because, just as a universal consciousness creates the universe, particular consciousnesses can causally impact and transform elements of this universe purely through intention.

So I’m looking for people to discuss these and related issues on video. You don’t have to be famous! I’m just trying to promote my website one or two viewers at a time.

You can comment here or email me at monadmantis@gmail.com if you’re interested.

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Experienced psychology writer and practitioner of psi abilities. Looking forward to contributing to a worldwide awakening to the reality of psi phenomena.

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