My Close Encounter Experience(?)

I had an extremely intense “dream” that I am convinced could not have been a dream due to its realism and very unique and bizarre quality.

I am riding my bike with my friends and I tell them I have to go because “the greys are taking me to the dentist.” I don’t know if I literally told them this or if I had even been hanging out with friends at the time or if it’s just my mind constructing a scenario to make sense of something. I am hovering over myself in the dream as an observer, not a first-person participant and I think to myself as the observer “what a strange thing for me to say, and I don’t seem to have regarded it as strange when I said it.”

I feel like half of me regards this statement as gibberish and the other (maybe unconscious half) knows exactly what it means. I am soon lying on my back in the dark under a dim light. I can see my feet in the light but other than that it is only dimly lit.

I feel sort of nauseous and it is a nausea that is sort of resonating or vibrating throughout my body in a way that reminds me of mild food poisoning. Although I don’t consciously remember other similar experiences, I feel like I know on a very intimate and unconscious level what this feeling means, namely, that “they” are approaching and about to do their thing (whatever that thing is).

This feeling always accompanies bodily paralysis and that’s one of the reasons I regard it as unpleasant. I do not anticipate them harming me, but being so vulnerable and paralyzed in this way is very unpleasant and accompanied by a dread that makes me nauseous and tells me “It’s them. They are approaching.”

I feel what feels like a blunted icepick knocking at the top of my skull repeatedly, loud enough for me to hear it, and I feel like it should hurt but it doesn’t, but it is hitting me hard enough to physically move me.

There is a single tall being with very thin, jointed limbs and I can’t make out the features of his face at all. I get the sense that during the incident itself, there was nothing impeding my view of his face, but it was as though there was some kind of blockage that prevented my visual receptors from communicating the information to the part of my brain responsible for cognitively processing it.

The being is examining my body very quickly, as if in a rush. It is as though he is a paramedic and I am an accident victim and time is very limited. I recall being impressed a great deal by how well-coordinated and precise its movements are, since a similar combination of speed and precision when conducted in a complex manner is something we normally tend to associate with humans, but this being seems to be moving more quickly and in a better-coordinated manner than humans.

At this point I am nauseous and kind of annoyed so I struggle to move but I’m paralyzed. I know that if I struggle enough I can move a little bit, and I succeed in rising just a little bit, causing the being to instantly flinch back very dramatically, but to just as quickly return and apparently subdue me by shining something in my eye and/or looking deeply into it — I don’t know if it was one or the other or both, only that it reminded me of an optometrist examining my eye and it felt as though this delivered a wave of relief in the form of a kind of mild, psychic anesthetic that caused me to not feel so wretched.

When the being initially flinched back, I felt his annoyance at being startled, and could almost feel him think “come on, you know how this procedure goes, just relax and it will be over in a few minutes, there is no need to make this more difficult than it needs to be for the both of us.”

Then there is an intensely uncomfortable feeling in my navel as though someone is sticking something into it. I feel myself building up to a climax, whose contents are collected by the being and then the event is over.

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Experienced psychology writer and practitioner of psi abilities. Looking forward to contributing to a worldwide awakening to the reality of psi phenomena.

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