Personal meditation schedule

I received some good advice from a friend concerning how to use Monroe Institute exercises daily. I would like to try to use 6 exercises a day, each for a specific purpose. The nonverbal exercises that characterize Waves V and VI are useful for purely audio purposes, but it is better to memorize and master certain of the exercises apart from the recordings.

Here is a list apart from the recordings:

  1. Living body map (2.6) — healing various parts of my physical and emotional body.
  2. Color breathing (2.4) — Cleansing negative emotional energy.
  3. Energy food (3.5).

What to use through the recordings:


  1. 6.6 — Dinner with an energy friend.
  2. One-month patterning (2.3) — improve mental capacity, emotional health, psi abilities, physical health.
  3. Five questions (3.4)
  4. One year patterning (4.1)
  5. Five messages (4.2).
  6. 6.6 again for solitude.

B (The nonverbal recordings):

  1. The first 3 recordings of Wave 5 (Focus 12, cultivating intuitive abilities).
  2. The last 3 recordings of Wave 5 (Focus 15, cultivating no-time states).

My thought is it might be good to switch back and forth between mostly or even purely nonverbal recordings that are exclusive to Waves V and VI, and then switch back to the largely verbal audio recordings the next day, to ensure balance.

Written by

Experienced psychology writer and practitioner of psi abilities. Looking forward to contributing to a worldwide awakening to the reality of psi phenomena.

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