Rudolf Steiner’s Goethean Science: A brief introduction

Although very far from enamored with modern, mechanistic materialism, Rudolf Steiner was very much a fan of science; he simply wanted to articulate a view of scientific investigation comparable to that articulated by Goethe. By this he simply meant to express his sympathy with the idea of a science that was not limited to collecting a set of disconnected facts about observed phenomena but of articulating fundamentally novel ways of looking at the world (holistic epistemology) with the aim of showing how all these parts were interconnected into living and growing organisms (holistic ontology). Underlying this view was a kind of vitalist perspective that saw organisms as fundamentally striving for life rather than robotic mechanisms or processes. His is a kind of gestalt processes which insists on trying to look at the larger picture and seeing organisms in terms of the overall goal of the whole rather than the disconnected functions of parts.

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