Some Thoughts on Transliminality, Ego/Unconscious Boundaries, and My Experience With SSRIs

I can’t generalize this to others, and it might not even be correct, but I think those like myself with high transliminality (sensitivity to the contents of the unconscious) might benefit from the anxiolytic effects of SSRIs because they “thicken” the boundaries that separate ego from the unconscious, thus protecting the conscious mind from the anxiety-producing content of the unconscious.

But this means that the contents of the unconscious do not have their day in court and so these contents are cordoned off and repressed rather than healthily integrated into the conscious mind through mindfulness, by which we allow it to have its day in court, affirming the existence of troubling contents (neither positively affirming their validity or negatively condemning them), which neutralizes the harmful impact of these contents.

Having the thin boundaries between ego and unconscious that is characteristic of the transliminal self is a blessing and a curse. We have access to contents that the earthier, more “feet-on-the-ground” type do not have, but these contents are often terrifying and we are naturally tempted to run from them.

It makes sense to me that SSRIs are so popular in our free market fundamentalist society, because thick boundaries are essential to productivity, which is seen as the “bottom line” and the only thing that matters. I’m not a Communist but I’m certainly not a free market fundamentalist either.

I can’t help but see a parallel between the “pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps” mentality of a free market fundamentalist society that sees the individual as a kind of omnipotent, Demiurgic agent independent of the conditions that produce it, and the preoccupation within this society with thickening the boundaries between the unconscious that is the actual puppeteer, and the ego that is more influenced by the conditions responsible for its production than those with thicker boundaries would care to acknowledge.

Experienced psychology writer and practitioner of psi abilities. Looking forward to contributing to a worldwide awakening to the reality of psi phenomena.