Ted Owens on How to Contact Aliens

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Ted Owens, commonly known as “PK [Psychokinesis] Man”, not only claimed that he acquired his telekinetic and precognitive abilities from extraterrestrial beings, but claims in his book How to Contact Space People that it is possible for others to make similar contact with these beings, and he even provides instructions on how to do so. Nevertheless, he cautions that doing so may be dangerous to the human brain and that certain precautions must therefore first be taken prior to attempting such contact. Indeed, he states that it is possible for some people to experience strokes or cerebral hemorrhages if they contact these beings without adequate preparation.

He speaks of encountering two insectoid creatures in a small chamber who looked odwn into a large, oval machine through which they were able to perceive Mr. Owens. When he spoke, the machine would turn the sound into symbols, which would then exert a high-frequency sound that was intelligible to them, and through which they were able to understand what he was telling them. Their “boss,” a kind of Higher Intelligence, would appear on the screen in the form of two green eyes, but he was informed by these creatures that this entity was in fact made of light and therefore did not possess any physical form.

Here are the preparatory steps:

  1. Build mental muscle through the study of Roth’s memory system.
  2. Enter into a hypnotic state, preferably through auto-hypnosis (Dr. Hornell Hart’s Autoconditioning is helpful).
  3. Close your eyes and visualize a chamber with these two insect-like creatures standing over a round instrument that looks like a kettle drum but has glass lens on top.
  4. Visualize your face peering up out of the glass lens as though you are looking over their shoulders or looking from their side.
  5. Think the words you want to communicate with them and visualize your mouth shaping these words as you are speaking to them.
  6. If you want them to arrive in one of their crafts, tell them you intend to go out into the country in the next 1–2 days after dark where there are no people and where there will not be any interruption. Turn on a flashlight, set it on the ground with its beam pointing up towards the sky and sit down.
  7. If their craft does visit you, sit still and put your hands out with your palms outward on the ground by your side or in your lap.

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Experienced psychology writer and practitioner of psi abilities. Looking forward to contributing to a worldwide awakening to the reality of psi phenomena.

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