The 1966 U.S. Air Force Base UFO Wave

1966 — Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota — Staff Sgt. Albert Spodnik (USAF Ret.), Former Electro-Mechanical technician, 44th Missile Maintenance Squadron:

Staff Sergeant Albert Spodnik, retired from the U.S. Air Force, testifies that he, along with someone else with his team, was sent to correct an electrical malfunction that rendered the Minuteman I missile temporarily inoperable. After fixing the problem, the two learned that an armed Air Force Security Alert Team had been sent to investigate a triggered security alarm near another launch facility that had also mysteriously lost power. The team arrived to find an unusual object sitting within the security fence that surrounded the missile silo. The object appeared to glow with a very bright light, at which point the Flight Security Controller notified Juliet Flight’s Launch Commander about the situation.

Spodnik, acquiring this information by listening in on a radio conversation between Flight Security Controller and the Security Alert Term, heard the Launch Commander to order the team to approach the object but they refused. They asked for permission to fire on the object, at which point the Flight Security Controlled yelled “Negative! Don’t shoot until you know what’s going on!” A helicopter was ordered to the sight, and as it approach, the object sped away at an incredible speed. He was interrogated and insisted that he had not seen anything unusual, and he informed Robert Hastings that the reason he lied was because he had heard rumors of other soldiers reporting unusual sightings and being medically discharged as psychologically unfit for duty upon giving these reports. Hastings also states that a second anonymous former 44th Missile Maintenance Squadron technician later independently confirmed the essential elements in Spodnik’s account (the appearance of the object within the fence).

That same year, at Whiteman Air Force base in Missouri, an anonymous soldier reported a call from Wing Security controller asking him to tune his radio to the base frequency, at which point he began to listen to a series of events involving a missile site losing power and a strike team being deployed to see a flying saucer hovering over the site. The device slowly began to depart, passing over missile sites and causing them to lose power as it did so.

That same year, once again, on Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, Captain David D. Schindele, a Minuteman I ICBM missile launch crew commander on the base claimed that 10 ICBMs went into a status that prevented them to be launch around the time of a UFO sighting. He states:

“I remember that when we were relieved the next morning and arrived topside, I attempted to query the Flight Security Controller, who told me he could not speak about the incident. It was then that my commander also informed me that he had received word, during my rest break below, that we were to never speak about the incident.”

Robert Hastings says Schindele claims that everyone who reported this sighting was told to never speak of the event to anyone. He was inspired, nevertheless, to relate his story, after hearing Captain Robert Salas report a similar experience at Malmstrom Air Force base only a year after his own experience in 1967.

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