The 1975 Wurtsmith Air Force Base UFO Incident

Near the end of October of 1975 at Wurtsmith Air Force Base in Michigan, an airman spotted some kind of low-flying craft near the base with two red lights on the back, gliding silently. Other witnesses quickly spotted the lights as well, including security police at the back gates of the location. A nearby KC-135 tanker was ordered to intercept and identify the aircraft, and this pilot determined that there were two objects with flashing lights. These objects were caught on radar as well. Whenever our craft began to close in on the objects, they pulled away and easily evaded our men.

Disturbingly, the unidentified crafts began to hover over the Weapons Storage area after pulling away at approximately 1,000 knots. The incident was discussed a week later and Captain Higgenbotham, after being questioned by the OSI, was warned not to discuss the incident; a warning commonly reported by witnesses at military bases who have witnessed these craft near or over their installations.

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