The Billy Meier Case, Part 7: The beginnings

It should be said at the outset that some of the beings whom Billy Meier claims to have made contact with, although sometimes referred to as Pleiadians, are allegedly not actually from the Pleiades. They are described as Plejaren and describe their home world as Plejares, which is supposedly an “altered time-space configuration” about 80 lightyears beyond the Pleiades. In 1982, he met Semjase (the grand-daughter of Sfath, whom we will meet in a moment) and her team of Pleiadians from a large UFO.

According to Lt. Colonel Wendelle Stevens, his first sighting of UFO phenomena began at the age of 5 in 1942. Eventually, he would come to terms with having accepted an “arrangement” with these beings prior to this physical incarnation. Meanwhile, before the contacts began, he observed what he initially interpreted as “traveling stars,” distinguished from other stars because they differed in size and made strange, abrupt turns and engaged in zig-zag patterns that could not be duplicated by human aircraft. This was also before the days of visible manmade satellites.

Shortly before his 6th birthday, he began to hear a voice in his head and to see pictures. A pear-shaped UFO emerged from the sky and settled on the meadow grass in a woods near his home town. An old man took him to the ship and above Earth and then dropped him back off before shooting up into the sky and disappearing. In 1944, the voice became more intimate and told him he would be given more information in this manner. The man identified himself as Sfath. This was the same man he had met before in the alien aircraft. Sfath would allegedly return this same year to take him aboard the spacecraft.

Stevens describes a helmet appliance with several wires that was used for inculcating Billy with a great deal of knowledge; a device that is very reminiscent of what Valdamar Valerian describes in our post on alien mind-control apparatuses and techniques. Not long after this, he began to hear telepathic voices of a female who identified as Asket. This would be his new extraterrestrial contact from this point on. She supposedly originated from a place called the DAL Universe, a counterpart universe of our reality. Our universe exists in a kind of complementary, yin/yang relationship with theirs, and each of ours reciprocally depend upon one another. The two universes were described by Asket as having a common origin, and if one ceased to exist, so would the other. Intriguingly, in 1960, prior to Meier’s contact with Asket in Switzerland, a South African electrician named Edward F. White claimed to have contact with extraterrestrials who also claimed that they come from an “anti-matter” or counterpart universe. This resulted in 1,000 hours of verbal dialogue recorded on audio tape and preserved, and this data is reported in the book UFO Contact from Planet Koldas, a Cosmic Dialogue, by Carl van Vlierden. Billy Meier knew nothing of this information, but shortly thereafter reported being told similar information by Asket, and that her habitation was very much like ours physically.

The DAL inhabitants discovered Pleiadians before they discovered Earth, and worked with them. These Pleiadians were already traveling through space and the DAL inhabitants shared their technology with the Pleiadians, which allowed them to visit the DAL universe in Pleiadian ships. The DAL inhabitants then discovered Eartht hrough the Pleiadians, as a result of Pleiadian visitation. Sfapth was himself a Pleiadian who handed Meier over to the DAL inhabitant, asket, to prepare him for future Pleiadian interaction. Billy was picked up in 1975 during a Pleiadian mission prior to his contact with Asket.

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