UFOs and Subterranean Giants, Part 1

“White Feather”, the god of the Pankara indigenous peoples of Brazil. He is remembered as a very tall Nordic-looking humanoid who was friendly with the Pankara.

In my article on remote viewing Mt. Shasta, I mentioned that, in addition to the alleged extraterrestrial phenomena that is reported at this location, both through the Rahma contactees, who claim to encounter 8+ foot tall humanoids, as well as remote viewing sessions conducted by Lori Williams and John Vivanco, explorers have allegedly uncovered apparent memories of similarly gigantic individuals, some around 3 meters tall, in the same area. This correlation is not limited to Mt. Shasta, however, and extends to other UFO hotspots such as the Catalina Islands and certain Eurasian lakes and surrounding caves.

The following information is taken from Philip Mantle’s and Paul Stonehill’s book Russia’s USO Secrets: Unidentified Submersible Objects in Russian and International Waters. As we will see, several of these locations are:

  1. UFO hotspots.
  2. Humanoid sighting hotspots.
  3. Locations at which indigenous people allege races of white giants once lived and inhabited now submerged or subterranean cities.
  4. Locations at which many have claimed to have actually seen the mummified remains of these beings (this is especially true of Mt. Shasta, the Catalina Islands and lakes and surrounding cave areas in certain parts of Eurasia).

Before the 1982 Lake Baikal incident, which will be discussed shortly, the Soviet engineer Boris Pavlovich Grabovsky interviewed a witness in the 1930s who claims to have explored a cave near Lake Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan, which contained three humanoid skeletons around three meters tall, adorned with decorations similar to silver bats. Kyrgyz legend does speak of a subterranean or submerged city in the Issyk Kul and says that the city was ruled by a creature with long ears. Prior to that, in the early 1900s, several boys living in Georgia (the country, not the state) discovered a cave inside a mountain that required diving into a lake in order to enter it, and they similarly described humanoid skeletons around 3 meters tall.

In the summer of 1982, Mark Shteynberg, along with Lt. Colonel Gennady Zverev, conducted reconnaissance training for divers from Turkestan and various other Central Asian regions. While some of these expeditions took place in Issyk Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan, a certain Major General V. Demyanenko, commander of the Military Diver Service of the Engineer Forces of the Ministry of Defense informed local officers that during a training exercise in the Trans-Baikal and West Siberian military regions (specifically Lake Baikal), frogmen had encountered 9-foot tall underwater swimmers who looked human, but wore a skin-tight coverall uniform and helmets, with nothing else resembling diving gear, despite the lake’s frigid temperatures and the great depth at which they were swimming.

Seven divers were commissioned to attempt to capture these beings, when an unseen force propelled them to the service, resulting in several of them dying from decompression sickness. Not long after this, staff headquarters of the Turkmenistan military region was reprimanded by the Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces and contained a detailed analysis of the events at Lake Baikal. This reprimand also contained an information bulletin from the headquarters of the Engineer Forces of the Ministry of Defense, USSR, describing several incidents in which anomalous experiences were recorded at various deep-water lakes, including sightings of strange creatures. Many of these sightings included UFO sightings, some of them emerging from the lakes and some of them entering the lakes. These craft consisted of gigantic discs and spheres. Some of these anomalous phenomena have been observed in Issyk Kul and others at Lake Baikal itself.

In 1984, Yekaterina Vorontsova published an article detailing a mission in the Baltic Sea in which a Soviet submarine crew spotted human-looking swimmers approximately 10 feet tall in height, wearing silver coveralls, at a depth of 400 meters; far too deep for any human swimmer. Such anomalous sightings and experiences date as far back as the 19th century, and in the 1960s, an anti-aircraft missile unit near the lake was attacked, resulting in the loss of all communication capabilities. Those who witnessed it said the object that attacked the missile unit looked like a large, glowing orange sphere that appeared to pulsate with life.

The Russian writer Mikhail Demidenko likewise spoke with some local fishermen near Lake Baikal that they had actually witnessed the aforementioned Soviet frogmen jettisoned 10–15 meters out of the water and that they never understood how or why this happened. He had previously traveled through China to Western Tibet, where, in the early to mid 1950s, he had accompanied high-ranking Chinese and Soviet military commanders during an inspection of the Red Chinese troops in Xinjiang Province and Western Tibet, where they spent a night at a Lamaist monastery. He met an old Mongol monk there who told him of caves in Tibetan mountains where giants around 3 meters tall endured an anesthesia-induced sleep and how it is possible that they might wake up. He even heard rumors of Red Chinese troops entering these caves to remove the giants. Indeed, it is precisely because of such legends of giants that Adolf Hitler sent troops to Tibet.

An intriguing investigation took place the same year as the Lake Baikal incident with the unlucky Soviet frogmen. Borisoglebsk, within the Voronezh region, is one of the most active areas of UFO sightings around, according to A. Plaksin, an expert with the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation and former participant in the secretive SETKA program. Indeed, it is the location of a famous 1989 incident involving several individuals who claim to have witnessed extraterrestrial beings emerging from a ship, one of whom was around 9 feet tall. At this time, the Soviet news agency actually endorsed news of this UFO landing. Prior to this, however, in 1982, a UFO appeared during the crash of a MIG-21 aircraft. At this time, a UFO was spotted and Junior Sergeant A.A. Panyukov and Private A. Yu. Kunin were sent to investigate the Povorino area forest. While there, they saw a humanoid entity over 11 feet tall (approximately 3.5 meters) and dressed in silver-green coverall clothing. The entity fled when it realized it was spotted and saw an explosion behind the draws as a glowing object took off and escaped.

Stonehill recounts how an intriguing relationship began to develop between local Russian military figures and UFO researchers, including Dr. Dvuzhilni, well-known for his investigation into the 1986 Dalnegorsk crash case. One commander of the Far Eastern Air Defense District provided a document to local UFO researchers that mentioned a 1990 incident witnessed by the military brigade at the Timofeyevka settlement. A local sentry fired off a warning shot when he saw two beings wearing silvery coveralls, approximately 8 feet tall, emerging from a nearby oak grove. These beings then ran back into the oak trees. Russian counterintelligence officers investigated the incident and discovered predictably huge footprints.

In 1965, a huge, glowing cigar-shaped UFO flew across Baikal without making any sound. At around 250 meters, it reached the Hamar-Badan mountain range and three small, glowing spheres of various colors emerged from it. Another similar story known to the inhabitants of Buryatiya, relates how one of the mountains surrounding the Kudara-Somon settlement was the site of a UFO landing, from which emerged humanoid beings dressed in shining coverall suits. The police were called, at which point they flew towards Mongolia.

About 15 years after this, in 1980, according to Lt. Colonel V. Pupkov, a UFO appeared over the airfield in the Trans-Baikal military district. The object, glowing red and ring-shaped, sent forth several reddish beams of light to the ground, leading pilot Colonel Antonetz to investigate the object in a MIG-23, only for the UFO to slow dim and disappear from view. Witnesses were forced to sign secrecy oaths.

Consistent with controversial claims of discoveries of 9 foot tall mummified skeletons, many times at UFO hotspots such as Mt. Shasta and the Catalina Islands, many indigenous Native American peoples have legends of a race of ancient white giants whom their ancestors fought, and sometimes, drove to the brink of extinction. For example, while the Choctaw people typically referred to white people as “Nahullo”, it originated as a term referring to a race of white giants their tribe came into contact with when they first crossed the Mississippi. The Comanche Chief Rumbling Thunder likewise narrates a story in 1857 about a race of white giants, whose size is comparable to those whose bodies are alleged to have been uncovered:

“Countless moons ago, a race of white men, ten feet tall (three meters), and much richer and more powerful than any of the white men living today, dwelt here in a vast territory of the country, from the sun that is born until the one that dies. Its fortifications crowned the mountain tops, protecting its populous cities built in the valleys in between. They surpassed any other nation that had ever existed, both before and after, in all manner of ingenious crafts. They were brave and warlike, ruling the lands they had taken from their former owners with pride and arrogance. Compared to them, today’s pale faces are pygmies, both in skill and in warfare.”

He goes on to relate their fall, on the grounds that they eventually become cruel and vicious, so the Great Spirit exterminated them and all that is now left of their civilization are the mounds on their plateaus. The Navajos also have legends of the “Starnate” people, who are described as “A majestic race of white giants who knew the technology of mining and ruled the West, [enslaving] lower tribes and possessed fortifications throughout America.”

In the next article of this series, we will look at some of the literature that has emerged alleging the discovery of mummified remains of these beings, as detailed by authors such as Richard J. Dewhurst.

In one video, that appears to have been taken down from YouTube, we are told:

“A Russian General claims three non-humans arrived at a military arsenal in a flying saucer to warn of a nuclear warhead getting dangerously warm.

A video of his 2016 speech was shown to Dr Steven Greer’s April Disclosure Webinar.

Here is the speech of the unnamed General:

“Near Kharkiv there was an ammunition and missiles arsenal which contained nuclear ammunition.

In February 1972 a flying saucer arrived. The sentry, who was standing in the tower, fell into a stupor but managed to press the signal button.

The Fire Brigade arrived which also did not reach the area where the flying saucer stopped.

As described by these people, everything was registered, recorded, sketched. From the UFO came three representatives with a height of 3.2–3.5 m in white suits with suitcases.

They went into the storage room where the nuclear warheads were placed.

What was the reason for their appearance?

The temperature on the first nuclear warhead was 2–3 degrees higher than it should be, and you know the stability of the nuclear warhead is the main guarantee of safety.

An hour later they left.

Everyone stirred, the stupor passed. They started taking pictures.

The track of one of these representatives was 57 cm long.

Now you see this is not just growth — this is the main characteristic of these people.”

(Note from David Haith — I have no idea what this ‘track’ refers to, maybe a translation error by the software)

On the video — which begins at time stamp 1–05–52 — the General tells of another flying saucer visit to a Russian arsenal at Kargot in the Novosibirsk region, where a creature like a Bigfoot, just stopped off for a drink of water!

Here’s the General’s second story as related in the video…

“A hairy representative of the ‘otherworld’ comes into the guardhouse (the guard shift is all frozen), pours himself water from the tank (tap? DH). He drank and left.

Everyone rushed to the window to watch. He turned, waved his hand and vanished.

So we always say, ‘where do they come from?’

I think that soon we will understand that there is a concept of collapsed time, parallel worlds etc. But we must think that it is wrong to attribute to the money, the capabilities that these creatures possess.””