UFOs in Korea: Close encounters during the war

During the Korean War in the early 1950s, a large number of U.S. military figures reported encounters with disc-shaped UFO crafts, and crafts of other shapes as well. One particularly disconcerting incident involved a UFO sighting witnessed by an entire unit of men who would go on to develop a mysterious illness. In one incident, a certain former private first class who participated in the Korean War named Francis Wall spoke with notable UFO researcher John Zimmerman and told him about an incident in 1951 in which he and his men were in the “Iron Triangle” near Chorwon. Small units had gone into a nearby village to warn civilians of an upcoming attack, and it was precisely Wall’s unit that was about to launch that attack.

He then reported what appeared to be a kind of flying jack-o-lantern wafting down the mountain that traveled at incredible speeds and sat in the midst of bursts of explosions surrounding it while remaining mysteriously unharmed. The object emitted an orange glow before changing into an intense blue-green, and would remain in the midst of the aerial bombardment for around 45 minutes. Wall requested permission to attack the object and received this permission, at which point he fired upon the object with his M-1 rifle, causing it to become unsteady in its movements.

This appeared to cause its lights to flash in chaotic sequences, after which it emitted a strange, pulsating ray beam that swept over him and his men, causing a burning or tingling sensation all over their bodies. Orders were given for the men to return to their bunkers, after which the object took off into the sky as quickly as lightning. After 3 days, Wall and the rest of his unit became very ill and it was found that their white blood cell counts were extremely high, although no cause for the illness was ever discovered. In 1950, a U.S. Navy airplane was approached by “two large discs” that would fly within about a mile of the plane before performing a kind of inspection of it. The witnesses reported a silvered mirror appearance with a reddish glow and a black circle underneath that did not resemble any of our aircraft.

Several months prior to the incident involving Wall and his unit, in September 1950, for example, an early morning combat mission would end with “two large discs” approaching a US Navy airplane. The two strange crafts would fly to approximately within a mile of the plane before performing “an inspection” of it. They had a “silvered mirror appearance” and a “reddish glow”. On the underside of the object was a black circle that, unlike the rest of the craft, gave off no reflection at all. This black circle also remained motionless while the shining exterior had a shimmering appearance.

In 1951, at Chinnampo, the pilot of a B-29 plane saw an intensely bright light to his left emitting a reddish-yellow color that dropped to and maintained the same elevation as its aircraft. That same year, 4 different U.S. pilots in totally distinct locations reported, at around the same time, a large green ball that produced a bright red light that soon turned blue and moved with tremendous speed. That same year again, a U.S. Navy radar picked up a UFO circling an entire fleet, and it would fly over 1,000 mph before stopping suddenly and hovering briefly. This behavior was detected by 14 separate radar operators.

Several months after this during the following year, the crew of a B-29 plane reported a light, orange-colored sphere that would occasionally turn blue. They reported that the object eventually shot upwards and vanished. The month after this, several consecutive sightings were reported over Sinuiji and Antung by B-29 pilots and their crews. One of the reports during this period describe a cylindrical UFO giving off a blue shine in full view of a B-29 navigator for about 45 seconds. The object circled the plane several times and came up to 3,000 feet of the B-29 before departing from the location with a great deal of speed. That same year on the frontlines of battle, two white, silver objects hovered over both U.S. and enemy positions, as reported by Sergeant Bill McCorkle and six other members of his unit. The craft traveled at a speed they estimated around 1,000 mph.

Two sightings occurred over North Korea later that year, reported by pilots of F-86E fighter jets who saw a silver object much larger than a normal airplane. It was only visible, however, for about 5 seconds before vanishing. Shortly before this, however, the pilot of an F-51 fighter-bomber saw a silver object that traveled around 1,000 mph and performed maneuvers impossible for a human-guided plane. May of that year, a U.S. airman on guard duty received a call at 4 a.m. describing a bright spot in the sky approaching them with a great deal of speed. Within a few minutes, the craft, described as a disc-shaped object, hovered over the base at around 2,600 feet, which was estimated the size of a large fighter jet and the witnesses stated that it appeared to be scanning the area before vanishing from sight in seconds.

Another sighting occurred on the 25th of June of that year near a U.S. base around Seoul. The witness described the object as appearing coin-like from the ground and spun clockwise as it moved. The disc was described as stopping and hovering over the base for several seconds before shooting up into the sky with tremendous speed. These are only a couple examples of such sightings, as such reports were of regular occurrence during the war.

One sighting occurred over Pyongyang in November of 1952, as reported by Lieutenant Layten bass. He describes the object as low and close to the Earth, and although he initially believed it to be a U.S. aircraft, it quickly became apparent to him that it behaved in ways not possible for human aircraft, leading him to report the incident to his superior. He described the object as shining silver and spherical, completely silent and lacking any apparent means of propulsion. Lieutenant Bernard, another witness, described it similarly.

A particularly intriguing incident was reported in January of 1953 over Suwon, in which a Staff Sergeant pointed out two round objects in the sky, white/silver colored and glowing, and apparently lacking a propulsion system. He reported them for about 5 seconds before they moved up at a speed far faster than an F-86. Later this month, a F-94 pilot described a bright orange ball in front of his plane, which then received radar confirmation. It remained here for several seconds before jetting upwards at an extremely high speed.

Then, 3 days later, in Cho-do North Korea, Marine Sergeant John Muciek described an object that looked like a falling star while on guard duty that stopped and hovered in midair before moving back and forth in the sky and changing color from white to red. The object hovered near the base shortly before disappearing, and this sighting was confirmed by another soldier as well. Ultimately, by the end of the war in July of 1953, dozens of men had reported observing such craft over the 37 months of the conflict, with unofficial reports describing around 42 sightings by additional witnesses, averaging over one a month in around 3 years.

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