Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson and the UFO Leak of 2019


April 10, 1997- Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson receives information from Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Dr. Steven Greer about a classified UFO program.

2002 — Thomas Wilson discusses this with Dr. Eric Davis.

The transcript of a 2002 conversation between US Navy Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson and leading physicist Dr. Eric Davis, discussing their inability to gain access to a highly classified program involving a crashed extraterrestrial craft was leaked last year (2019). Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson is a retired Director of the DIA and Dr. Eric W. Davis is a scientist working on novel propulsion systems with EarthTech International and was also involved in AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program).

The 15 page document summarizes what Wilson told Davis about information he received from former Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Dr. Steven Greer about a classified UFO program. At this time, Wilson was not only Deputy Director of the DIA but also Vice Director for Intelligence (VJ2) for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The group was denied access to a corporate Research and Development effort involving a retrieved alien spacecraft by three corporate officials working for a major U.S. aerospace contractor, confirming what many whistleblowers have claimed about the domination of this research effort by private contractors rather than government officials, apart from a select few high ranking individuals.

U.S. Naval Reserve Commander Willard H. Miller and the serving Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt. General Pat Hughes and Admiral Michael Crawford also participated in the meeting, which took place in the Pentagon Conference Room. Intriguingly, Defense Intelligence Reference Documents contained studies possessed by Dr. Eric Davis and EarthTech, two of which had been leaked December 2017 by Corey Goode prior to their release. Goode says that a confidential DIA source provided him with it.

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