Vindicating Valdamar Valerian, Part 1: The Sirians

Although I am typically skeptical of what I refer to as “frank weirdness” in UFO literature (that is, literature that asserts realities of high strangeness with more certainty than would typically be warranted in so fractured a hall of mirrors), I think that the first two volumes of Valdamar Valerian’s (real name John Grace) Matrix series are probably legitimate. I believe he was tasked with disclosure of the current estimate of the UFO situation as those in a position to know, believed to be true. One of the main reasons I believe this is because declassified CIA files discussing remote viewing of extraterrestrials does appear to correspond with a great deal of what he said, and he published this material in the late 80s and early 90s, prior to the declassification of this material. In this series, I will be exploring what he asserted, insofar as it basically corresponds with what major remote viewers have said, either within declassified material or outside of it.

This is from Volume II of Valdamar Valerian’s “Matrix” series, published in 1991. Pat Price likewise said in the early 1970s that the humanoids inhabiting the bases (possibly Sirians) are human-looking but differ in their eyes, heart, blood and lungs.
From Volume II of “Matrix”: “Extremely accurate drawing of specific Sirian female encountered on multiple abductions. The symbol on the left breast is indicative of interaction with underground facilities. The uniform was blue.” This account is consistent with Pat Price’s description above, and other remote viewers like Lori Williams have described strange biologicals who are humanoid in appearance at these underground bases.
“Sirian 1: “Had dominance over the other two. He was very aggressive to the point of being mean.” Sirian 2: “He was generally even-tempered, except when he got upset. Appeared to work almost exclusively with genetics.” Sirian 3: “He worked mainly with the brainwashing equipment. This is consistent with what Pat Price says of the bases functioning as a means of reinforcing BTL implants, or false memory implants. He didn’t show much emotion at all during the experiences.” This account is consistent with Lori Williams’ RV of the Mt. Shasta base, which describes humanoids who are cold, cruel and even sadistic, engaged in genetic experimentation on humans.

In general, this information is also consistent with what Ingo Swann and Lyn Buchanan have said, about there being hostile human-looking aliens among the faction working with a few other species on our planet. Valerian writes of an alleged human encounter with such a humanoid alien in the first volume of his series, in which the odd shape of their pupils was noted:

“There are a lot of humanoids here. Humanoids? Beings who look more or less like terrestrial humans except they’re not. Just the other night. I had a conversation with a lady who has had interaction with ETs for over 5 years, and she related an incident where she was covering an event downtown and she spotted one of them. How could she tell?

Well, presumably after 5 years experience she could. She said that there was something different about their eyes. I asked her what that was, and she said that. the part of the eye farthest away from the nose was a little wider than would be normally expected. She evidently went right up to him and asked him “what are YOU doing here?”. He replied “learning...the same as you”.”

Those who have read Ingo Swann’s Penetration will learn more about this, especially the idea, verified by Valerian, that the West Coast is crawling with human-looking aliens who wander around in broad daylight due to the ease with which they are able to disguise themselves. One woman who related such humanoid contact to Valdamar reported human-alien interaction in underground bases that is likewise familiar to those who have studied Project 8200, as well as describing a “light being” of the sort that Joe McMoneagle described as inhabiting one of the UFOs that flew over Washington D.C. in 1952 (Reinerio Hernandez, in his book Beyond UFOs, likewise says that these beings are among the most commonly encountered beings reported by abductees). Val relates her account:

“The facility is generally described as one oriented toward genetic work. Large cylinders containing amber, pink, and light-blue fluids were noted. These cylinders appear to be similar to those detailed in Matrix II. All cylinders contained humanoid forms. The cylinders containing light-blue fluid contained forms that looked human. The others contained hybrid/genetic variant humanoids. The last time she was brought to this facility was on January 22, 1991, where they attempted to get her to agree to not revealing data, as the Sirians were aware of her detailed interaction with us. She refused.

The Sirians said something to the extent that she was “affecting the balance in the Confederation”. If that is so, then we’re certainly all for it. Upon her return she discovered that she had some pain on the right side of her abdomen.

At this facility, she saw Sirians, Greys, and in another part of the facility she saw what appeared to be US Military members. There were other beings there that she described as m light beings”. Her description of them was that they had a humanoid form but there were no details in the form — it Just emitted a light:

In view of the current state of knowledge, it is thought that these were beings of at least 5th density. The beings hovered around and monitored the Sirians and Greys all during her stay at the facility. The human military at the facility wore black uniforms.”

From Volume II of “Matrix”

Lest we make the mistake that all “Nordic” aliens are friendly, recall my article on remote viewing Mt. Shasta, and what Rahma described concerning their encounter with such a tall, long-haired blond alien, and what Valerian had previously said.

Nordic and Grey alien

Remote viewer Joe McMoneagle, tasked with the origins of the ETs whom Travis Walton had encountered, traced these beings back to the Sirius star system, and the description of the beings he encountered is strikingly reminiscent to the much earlier descriptions we have here. Their relatively short height (compared to both humans and other taller humanoid aliens), their blondish-brown hair, and even head hands that some wear, as seen in the picture of the female Sirian above, are all detailed in Joe’s remote viewing as they are in these earlier eye-witness accounts. Joe, like these accounts, likewise details distinct differences in their eyes, including pupils that are oval or catlike. And, like these abductees, the Sirians are described as not particularly warm or friendly in temperament. Joe McMoneagle’s description of structural components of their eyes is also somewhat reminiscent of the account we were given by the experiencer above: “Their eyes are angled upward toward the outside, with a slight curl at the inside corner, reminiscent of the Asian fold but not quite.”

Billy Meier provides some intriguing contributions to this matter, likewise framing the Sirians as a race of advanced and aggressive humanoids, who engineered Earth humans to be aggressive warriors:

“Meier was told that human history actually goes back billions of years with origins in the Lyran and Sirian star systems. Many Earth humans are descendants of highly technologically advanced but warlike humans who, long ago and far away, explored the deep reaches of space. They colonized, they plundered, and in some cases such as here, they genetically upgraded the existing primitive human “stock.” In other cases, humans brought here had been deliberately genetically engineered to be aggressive fighters for more advanced races in the Sirian system with deliberately genetically limited life spans of less than 100 years. So limited, Meier was told, as to protect the much longer lived “creator gods” from being overthrown through an uprising. Ultimately that genetic manipulation, which they call the true “original sin” was spread to every terrestrial human inhabitant, and conditions us to this day. They say that our scientists are within reach of finding, and reversing, this limiting aging gene. Meier was told that we will regain the multi-hundred year life spans in the near future. Much more about this, and other matters, can be found in the three-part “251st Contact” on Meier’s website.”

One particularly remarkable abduction account, that of Filiberto Cardenas, a Cuban exile who had migrated to the United States, involved being taken to a secret underwater hangar. The beings he described are remarkably similar to the Sirians pictured by Valdamar Valerian, in addition to the tight-fitting one piece suit they are portrayed as wearing, and the serpent symbol on their chest, described by Filiberto and Valdamar.

One day, his car engine stalled and he and the passenger attempted to restart the car, but were not able. They suddenly saw that the engine was reflecting different colors and heard a buzzing sound. The car began to shake and the light turned an intense white. Cardenas became paralyzed and was lifted into the air, after which everything went dark.

The passengers had witnessed it all, including a couple of women in the car, and they were all in shock, but afraid to report it to the police. They eventually did call the police and explained everything to the sergeant. Cardenas soon found himself in Tamiami Trail in Miami-Dade county, 10 miles from the location he had been picked up 2 hours ago. Under hypnotherapy, he described three human-like aliens who put a helmet on his head. He reported that the aliens tried to communicate with him in English and German before they tried Spanish. He was subjected to some kind of medical examination that left marks on his body. One of the aliens predicted the eventual sinking of California into the Pacific, the end of President Sadat’s rule in Egypt before the end of 1981, the cure for cancer, war in the Middle East, an earthquake in 1985 and China’s conflict with Russia over control of Asia.

Finally, in February of 1979, a UFO once again approached him, this time while he was with his wife, and they were both abducted for 3 hours. They were able to recall the abduction, this time without abduction. Like Joe McMoneagle, he describes the aliens as having odd eyes, small noses and beards. This case is notable for having come to the attention of J. Allen Hynek.

In the late 1970s, Robert K.G. Temple, a scholar of Oriental studies and Sanskrit, released the important work The Sirius Mystery: Was Earth visited by intelligent beings from a planet in the system of the star Sirius?, arguing from the work of French anthropologists, who lived in the Mali region of West Africa between 1915 and 1930, that the Dogon tribe regarded Sirius as the home for the “gods” whom they allege created them. What is intriguing about this is that the Western world was unfamiliar with the kind and length of the elliptical orbit of the specified star of this area until 1862, although they Dogon had long known of it.

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