Vindicating Valdamar Valerian, Part 10: Chinese and Indian medicine and energy work

This article will not focus on concrete remote viewing results that correspond with Valdamar Valerian’s work, but will instead focus on claims he has made about the authenticity of the chakras and the nadis (Indian medicine) and qi and the meridians (Chinese medicine). There is a link between some of these ideas and remote viewing, since Ingo Swann has claimed that Qigong, which focuses on properly addressing issues with one’s qi that flows through the meridians, is an effective method of enhancing psychic ability, and Zhineng Qigong appears to be especially helpful int his regard.

According to Valdamar, the existence of the chakras are objectively real and they are physiologically involved in the flow of higher energies through certain subtle energy channels into the body’s cellular structure, functioning as energy transformers. More specifically, they take energy of one form and frequency to a lower level and then translate it into physiological activity on the coarse level. He says there are seven major chakras associated with the physical body, each associated with a major nerve plexus and a major endocrine gland. He adds that in addition to these major chakras, there are some minor chakras.

He adds, perhaps consistent with what Ingo Swann says of qi and their meridians, that each of the seven major chakras, each originating at the level of the etheric body, is involved with a certain kind of psychic functioning, with the brow chakra associated with clairvoyance. This chakra is like a window that allows us to see with our eyes closed. These chakras are connected to each other through much finer and more numerous subtle channels known as the nadis, which he sees are distinct from the meridians, which themselves have a physical counterpart in the meridian duct systems. These numerous nadi or etheric channels of energy exist in the subtle anatomy of the body and are interwoven with the human’s physical nervous system.

Alluding to work by Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama in Japan, he says that some individuals can consciously project energy through their chakras, resulting in major electrical field disturbances emanating from these activated chakras. Itzhak Bentov, whose work is alluded to a great deal in Lt. Colonel Wayne McDonnell’s document concerning the Monroe Institute, claims to have duplicated these findings when studying such physiological changes associated with meditative practices.

Motoyama found that certain individuals could consciously project
energy through their chakras. When they did so, significant electrical
field disturbances emanated from their activated chakras. Itzhak
Bentov, a researcher of physiological changes associated with
meditation, has duplicated Motoyama’s findings regarding electrostatic
energy emission from the chakras. He also points to the work of Dr. Valeria Hunt of UCLA, who found sinewave oscillations associated with these points that had never been recorded. Although the frequency of human brain waves is normally measured between 0 and 100 ps, the readings she obtained from the chakras was in a band between 100 and 1600 cps. Remarkably, in accordance with the notion that each color of the human aura is associated with a distinct wave pattern, she supposedly found wave patterns corresponding to these different colors at the chakra points.

Valdamar is similarly sympathetic to ideas associated with the study of the acupuncture meridian system. According to this theory, the human body has points along an unseen meridian system that permeates the tissues of the body, and qi energy travels throughout these meridians. He alludes to Professor Kim B. Han’s work in Korea during the 1960s, which conducted research on the anatomic nature of the meridian system in animals. Dr. Han’s work found that there was a tubular meridian system divided into superficial and deep components, with the deep system subdivided into other subsystems.

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