Vindicating Valdamar Valerian, Part 20: The Orion Hypnosis Method

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“The Grey species in general is more on the order of an electronically based space society with a common social memory complex that allows them to collectively function as areas of group-mind. Groups of Greys are controlled from one central source being, usually one of the large Greys, a Blond humanoid, or other dominant species. The Greys also maintain the technology to create clones and implant memory from another source into the clones. Implantation technology, a trademark of Orion-based species, is routinely used as a method of social control. The United States government, specifically agencies like the CIA and the NSA, have undertaken to develop parallel technology which is a direct result of cooperation and interaction with extraterrestrial biological entities. Ali these methods of control are domination based and counterproductive to evolvement of individual beings” (Valdamar Valerian, Matrix II)

Vajrayana Buddhists have long taught that if the body dies when the soul is still in the grip of the attachments and aversions produced by an unconscious full of karmic reactivity, the soul will depart in a semi-conscious or unconscious state. Those unfortunate enough to end up in such a situation are in a state not dissimilar from the state of unconsciousness all of us experience when we are sleep. In this state, we are either unconscious, or we experience an imaginary world which we mistake for reality, and whose logic thereby controls us. Indeed, as Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche points out in his book on Tibetan dream yoga, falling asleep is very much like dying, and our state of awarness (or lack thereof) we experience during sleep is a great predictor for our state of awareness when we depart the physical body.

The purpose of Tibetan dream yoga is to cultivate sufficient strength, flexibility and freedom from compulsive attachment and aversion that we lucid dream during sleep, which allows us control over our experience. Ideally, this control over our reactions during sleep will spill over to our reactions towards temptations to reactive attachment and aversion in waking life. Ingo Swann explains something similar in his book Resurrecting The Mysterious, and following Ingo, remote viewers picking up on spirits departing from their deceased bodies in dream-like states is not unheard of among remote viewers. Daz Smith’s remote viewing session of the JFK assassination reported something like this, and more recently, Dick Allgire conducted a precognitive remote viewing of an appearance of Falling Man in the news, whose spirit he recorded departing his body.

Ingo Swann’s views likely result from his tenure as a Scientologist, and Valdamar Valerian similarly employs Scientological themes and concepts in his explanation of the purpose of alien abduction:

“The Markabs use sex, pain, drugs and fear as obsessive elements
with which to aberrate humans…Humans are not generally aware of the “mind cages” and ridge response system in which they are encased. This grants temporary control of what was originally a free being. The condition of the average being on death is one who is in a deep state of hypnosis.

Such beings have been indoctrinated into an automatic response mode after finding oneself as an unaware life unit in contact with a dead body — one goes toward the light to an implant station for a new indoctrination into a future existence “as a body”.

The Standard procedure of alien control over human beings is
(1) Death of the organism, (2) Programmed compulsion to report to an
implant station, (3) Memory wipe-out, (4) Implantation, and the last
one is Assumption, where the genetic entity is knocked out and takes
the body at birth. This, in the game, is essentially being like a pawn
on a chessboard — one has a “body in pawn”.”

In Hubbard’s thought, the “Markabs” were the hostile alien group responsible for trapping spiritual beings on our planet.

A few mainstream studies on the psychological peculiarities of “alleged” alien abduction found that, contrary to stereotypes portraying those who believe they have been abducted by aliens as “crazy,” such individuals tend to be more or less normal, with the exception of PTSD-like symptoms when recalling the incident (perhaps their memories are authentic recall rather than imagination?).

“Sex, pain, drugs and fear” sounds awfully similar to the preoccupation with eradicating the reactive attachment and aversion of the unconscious mind that has troubled Vajrayana Buddhists. If Valdamar is telling the truth, perhaps PTSD is the main goal, and not an unfortunate side effect, of alien abduction, and hostile ETs know a thing or two about the spiritual consequences and spiritual roots of the psychological maladies of the incarnate human. If Hubbard and Valerian are correct, this certainly makes control and manipulation of the disembodied spirit quite convenient, resulting in the implantation of the brainwashed and amnesiac spirit into a new body.

The relationship between a “ridge response system” and intense pleasure (attachment, such as that produced by certain sexual stimuli) and intense pain (aversion, such as that produced by torture) is especially important. In Hubbard’s thought, a “ridge” results when someone forms a decisive intention to pursue a goal but hits a wall at breakneck speed when they encounter some kind of apparently insurmountable obstacle and decide that their goal is impossible after all. This contradiction will result in a “ridge” that will steer their lives in sub-optimum ways until they encounter and re-experience the traumatic encounter that contravened their initial intention, with equanimity, at which point its emotional charge associated with the ridge dissolves and the obsessions produced by the ridge, subside. It is not hard to say how artificially introduced sensations of intense pleasure followed by intense pain would be of service to entities wanting to ensure we depart from our bodies in a state of slumber.

We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. Sometimes we use male bodies, sometimes female bodies, sometimes alien bodies that have no genitalia or reproductive capacity, and may or may not be differentiated at the level of biological sex. But we are all the same kinds of beings and there is nothing ontologically fundamental, or even interesting, about the physical plane. Spirits like us created the physical realm (and some of us may have participated in this creation) and ridges (related to Earth and having nothing to do with Earth) have us stuck here. We are amnesiac prisoners and dupes, victimized by our own screw ups. The purpose of physically incarnating is to release others from their ridges without succumbing to similar ones ourselves, although we prove quite susceptible to similarly succumbing.