Visualization in Pulling Down the Heavens (Qigong)

As you practice the Qigong opening exercise of Pulling Down Heaven, there are certain visualization techniques it is helpful to memorize. Remember that each time you exhale, you change the part of the body you are visualizing being impacted by qi. First it is the front of the body, then the middle, and then the back. This information is taken from Christina J. Barea’s excellent book Qigong Illustrated, which I highly recommend.


  1. Imagine blended Earth/heaven qi washing down front of body as white, crystalline rain, through face, throat and chest.
  2. Allow it to penetrate deepest layers of front of body and wash outside of organs as your hands slowly descend.
  3. As this happens, visualize what you want to be washed away absorbed by this white qi energy.
  4. Allow it to wash down front of legs, draining into Earth, pulling turbid (dark and cloudy) qi from tissues and organs as water turns grey from this absorption and is absorbed into the earth.


  1. Imagine shower of blended Earth/heaven qi washing down inside of body as white crystalline rain through top of the head, clearing inside of head, throat and chest.
  2. Visualize qi penetrating Taiji Pole that connects the three dantians and washing away turbidity.
  3. Visualize descending qi carrying with it whatever you want to discharge as it is absorbed by this white rain, as it turns grey from absorbing this turbidity, is pulled from you, and drains into the Earth.


  1. Visualize blended Earth/heaven qi washing down back of body as white crystalline rain from top of head, clearing back of head, neck, back and shoulders.
  2. Visualize qi penetrating skin, ribs, spine and hips and washing away turbidity inside or on top of body.
  3. Imagine this qi taking with it anything you don’t want or wish to discharge.
  4. Visualize the qi being released down the near of legs into earth, turning the water grey as it pulls turbid qi from you and drains into the earth.

For each of memorization, let us look at what each of the steps have in common and where they differ.


  1. Head, neck and back.
  2. Removing turbidity and anything you identify as undesirable.


  1. Front — Begins with face, washes down front of face, throat and chest, cleanses outside of organs, washes down front of legs.
  2. Middle — Begins with top of head, inside of the head, neck, back and shoulders, washes out what is inside your body, and runs down inside of legs.
  3. Back — Although it also begins with the top of the head like the middle step, it clears the back of the head, neck, back and shoulders, penetrates skin, ribs, spine and hips, cleanses inside or top of body, washes down rear of legs.